29 June, 2011

Pre-Service is finished

Well, I have completed the pre-service training. Five hours in a conference room later, and I am ready to take China by storm.

There are 82 volunteers leaving with me for China. It's wonderful to be in a company of people as excited about serving as I am.

Nothing terribly thoughtful; it was a long day. Kesha was on the radio when I ate lunch. A fine gent named Sean is my roommate; he says "hi".

I'm going out tonight with some of the other volunteers to enjoy "our last night in America", as our leaders jokingly called it.

Thanks again to everyone for all of their well-wishes. Tomorrow should be fun.

EDIT:  So a group of us went out to Navy Pier, ate burgers and rode the ferris wheel. We thought that was quintessential Americana. (Also, I spent all of my time looking for the Cash Cab; no luck.) Now I'm going to sleep.

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