29 July, 2012

Drive-by Shooting

Don't panic. If you've known me for more than ten seconds, you know I love puns--especially as blog titles.

After spending a (frustrating) month in Chengdu, I realised that because of the personal stasis I found myself in, I'd not taken any photos of anything. This realisation came during a taxi ride (no, not that one), so I got out my clunker of a digital and snapped some.

So, without further ado, I bring you a drive by shooting...

I wrote about traffic a year ago. Maybe this will help visualise some of it? In addition, I wasn't sure if this would be a better experience with or without my comments and remarks accompanying the photos. What do you think? Would you prefer me to go back through and add the captions I wrote for the pictures?


  1. I think it would work with or without captions, but maybe if they are witty?

    1. Of course they're witty. Have you met me? I'm always a plethora of wit...

  2. Pictures... Way better than reading.