23 August, 2013

A Return to Form

I went running today—my first since being back—and it was beautiful.

I woke up at six. I started with the light of the moon and the occasional street lamp. Running in and around Green Lake as the sky transforms its blue hues from dark to light is a great way to start the day.

On one side of the park, a man was practicing his erhu (二胡). I paused my own tunes in order to enjoy the cultural ambiance.

It was an easy run, just three miles in thirty minutes. When I began, the bats were baiting bugs for dinner; when I was done, the ducks were diving for breakfast.

Dú wàn juǎn shū bùrú xíng wànlǐ lù.
Reading ten thousand books is not as useful as travelling ten thousand miles.

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