31 January, 2012

UPDATE: Peace Corps China in the News!

So, before I start uploading the blogs from this first semester, I wanted to drop a line to everyone back home to let you know that PC China is getting some sweet press.

Months ago, a film crew visited volunteers in Guizhou province and filmed short "postcards" about the life and work of volunteers in China as a part of the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps.

The Country Director informed us today that the videos shot here in China are going to be shown on the TODAY show early next week. She said they are supposed to air on Tuesday, 7 February. I don't know how much you enjoy morning talk shows, but if you're interested in seeing a bit of what life is like for a China volunteer, you should check it out. Unfortunately, I do not live in Guizhou, so I won't be in any of their videos (they missed an opportunity on that one), but a couple of my dear friends will be.

UPDATE:  The video "postcards" are up on youtube for those of you who missed their televised broadcast.

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